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NAMYA MAULAY Intermediate

Topics for this course


Making adds in Spanish (Renting, Buying houses)

Material of things

Daily routines & weekend activities with adverbs of frequency

How to ask for directions

Responding to people asking for directions.

Vocabulary of all the things in a house

Vocabulary of houses

Different types of houses in Spain

Telling things with Duration

Adjectives of character

Vocabulary of sentiments (feelings)

Speak about your difficulties

Give recommendations to your friends



Lo más difícil/ fácil es

Lo más difícil/ fácil es

Adverbs of Frequency

Present tense of regular and irregular verbs

Reflexive pronouns 2

Doing comparison between things

Quantifiers: mucho, bastante, poco

Question words: ¿cómo?

Prepositions: de…a, desde…hasta, en, a, por

Differences between saber and conocer (to know)

Agreeing and disagreeing (también, tampoco, sí, no)

Verb creer to give opinions

Ser + bueno/malo

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