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This helps to learn devanagari script.

The main book: Vakyavyavaharah?

This book is designed as a distinct one from the point of view, it's a style, the number of exercises attached to every lesson,gradation of language components and also points of attention.This is the main book of first level, it is designed to teach sanskrita through sanskrita from the beginning with the help of pictures,diagrams and exercises, it is totally in communication style

Supplementary reading material?

Vakyavistarah : It is in the form of narration and in the form of communicative dialogue pertaining to various episodes of day to day life . This is designed to impress the students with the natural expression and also to improve their communicative skills

Supplementary reading material:Sambhashanam?

The students are given additional vocabulary.

Parishishtam:a. Uttaradeepika-?

I (key to the main book Vakyavyavaharah) b. Uttaradeepika-II (supplementary reading material Vakyavyavaharah)

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